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ficticious business filing in san diego
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Ficticious Name Filing in San Diego
File your DBA

How To Publish A Fictitious Business
Name Statement And Other Legal Notices

Here at the Uptown San Diego Examiner — we make it simple for you.

We also make sure it is done right to the letter of the law and thereby covering you as a businessperson. Once you have properly file this name it is yours to use exclusively in this area for your business name.

You can file by either coming to our office where we personally walk you through the steps and take care of it all at once, or you can go to the County Recorders Office and fill out the paperwork, to then, bring to us.

Or the third option which is to fill out your Ficticious Business form online, then get a copy to us to file.
Click here to file online. File & Publish Your Ficticious Business Name

Remember, it is not complete and you have not established YOUR ownership of the name until you have published it.

If you want us to handle everything, including the initial filing, we can do that too, for $70 per statement (additional names on the same statement are $5 each), which even includes the county’s filing fees.

The San Diego Uptown Examiner is adjudicated as a newspaper of general circulation to publish all legal notices for both the City and County of San Diego.

While Fictitious Business Names are the most common legal notice, we also publish:

  • Fictitious Business Names
  • Abandonments
  • Withdrawals
  • Summonses
  • Citations
  • Orders to Show Cause (Name Changes)
  • Notices of Default
  • Probate Notices
  • Notices of Sale of Real Property
  • Dissolutions of Partnership
  • Bulk Sales
  • Notices of Annual Report

The San Diego Uptown Examiner publishes twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday. That frequency could be valuable to you when other newspapers’ deadlines force you to publish your notices in one of the high-priced dailies. Our prices are reasonable.


Thank you for your business.

We eagerly await the opportunity to begin providing you with the fastest service at the lowest price.