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Service You Can Count On

The Uptown San Diego Examiner provides the professional, reliable, timely service you need and expect when placing legal notices. And we save you money too! We offer the fastest and most convenient legal notice filing service at the lowest price.

Legal Notices We Publish

  • Fictitious Business Names (DBA)
  • Abandonments
  • Withdrawals
  • Summons
  • Citations
  • Orders to Show Cause (Name Changes)
  • Notices of Default
  • Probate Notices
  • Notices of Sale of Real Property
  • Dissolutions of Partnership
  • Bulk Sales
  • Notices of Annual Report

Fictitious Name Filing in San Diego

When a DBA ("Doing Business As") is Required

It's the Law: Any business or corporation using a name other than its own personal first and last name, or a corporate / LLC legal name is required to obtain a DBA business name certificate. For example, if your name is Joe Schmo and you do business as "Joe Schmo," you don't need to get a DBA. However, if you do business as "Superstar Store ," then you need a DBA for that assumed name. You will also need this "DBA" to open a bank account. It shows the bank that you have indeed filed the appropriate papers. It is illegal to use a fictitious business name without registering it first.

How to File Your DBA in San Diego County

Step 1: Obtain a filing form in our office or online at the San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk’s website

Step 2: Search San Diego County Fictitious Business Names online to see if the FBN that you want is still available

Step 3: Fill out the filing form with your information. Once the form has been filled out, print it out then sign the form.

Step 4: Bring the original form to the appropriate county office along with your payment for filing.

Step 5: You are required to publish your DBA in a newspaper of general circulation (which we are) within 30 days.

How to publish with us

You can come by our office with the original signed form, or you can mail it to us or fax it to us (please include your contact informa tion/phone number if mailing or faxing)

Phone: (619) 955- 8960
Fax: (619) 955- 8962
Mailing and Building Address: Uptown Examiner 3601 30th Street, San Diego CA 92104

Please Note:
We can only publish Fictitious Business Name Statements that have been filed, stamped and certified by the County Recorder within the last 30 days. We cannot publish statements we receive 30 days after the initial filing.

Our low fee

We charge just $20 for up to four names on one form (additional names on one form are $2 each).

Payment options
We accept cash, credit (Visa, MasterCard , Discover or American Express), check or money order. Please make checks payable to Uptown Examiner.

Our Full Service / No Hassle option

We also offer our convenient full service filing for Fictitious Business Names. Our full service option includes:

The flat fee for this service is a very reasonable $70 (plus $5 each for any additional DBA names if filing more than one).

To take advantage of our full service option, please download and complete the Fictitious Business Name Statement form from the county website. Also, please download and complete section 3 of the Affidavit of Identity form from the county website. If you are mailing the forms to us, please include a copy of your driver's license. For more information or if you have any questions, please call us at (619) 955-8960.

Legal Notice Filing in San Diego

We are adjudicated as a newspaper of general circulation to publish all legal notices for both the City and County of San Diego. We publish twice a week (every Wednesday and Friday), which is a valuable benefit since other weekly newspapers’ strict weekly deadlines may force you to publish your notices in one of the higher-priced dailies.


Notices Published Four Times

Notices Published Three Times

You’ll find our open rate of $7.50 per column inch for Trustee Sales and Notices of Default is well below what you likely would have to pay elsewhere. That means a six-inch legal notice published three times will run only $135 ($7.50 per inch x 6 inches x 3 insertions = $135.00).

Notices Published Two Times

Notices Published One Time

The rates listed here apply to legal advertising only. Legal advertising rates are non-commissionable. Payment with copy is required unless credit has been established. Rates subject to change without notice. Legal notices are not accepted by telephone. Deadlines: 11 a.m. Monday for Wednesday edition; 11 a.m. Wednesday for Friday edition (deadlines are two days earlier on weeks containing legal holidays)


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The twice-a-week legally adjudicated Uptown San Diego Examiner is available by subscription for $35 annually inside San Diego County. Please call (619) 955-8960. Thank you for your business.